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Based in Southern California, Hatchling Co. provides beautiful baby gyms and teething toys for the modern family.


Not only are our toys safety-certified, but we use 100% non-toxic silicone teething beads and naturally antibacterial hardwood.  We are dedicated to using only the safest and most durable materials for our children and yours.

What our customers are saying

My little bear loves his activity gym! It’s so great for his eye hand coordination and small motor skills! So exciting! He was a preemie at 31 weeks and his mainstream gym wasn’t cutting it. So we decided to get something that would help him developmentally and this is proving to be a great investment. It’s beautiful too! We highly recommend!

Stephanie T.

Our little son Oliver liked the gym from the time he was about 5 months old and laying down but now that he is sitting up he absolutely adores it. He grins big every time we put him on his play mat to play with the gym. He loves chewing on the rings and flinging the strands back and forth. It keeps him busy forever. And I don’t mind having this beautiful piece in my living room. All his other toys are not so elegant but this one stays out all the time while the others get hidden in toy boxes and closets.

Karina H.

My girl absolutely loves this play gym!! It entertains her for a long time. I love how it folds up flat and doesn't take up a lot of space when not in use. Which is perfect for us because we live tiny. Made very well, high quality. Not to mention pleasing to the eye! Couldn't recommend it enough!

Tiare D.

I'm Kate, and my husband and I first built these products for our own babies.

We started Hatchling Co. in 2016 because we wanted better looking and higher quality baby toys than what we could find in stores. Fast forward to now and we have a line of products that are non-toxic, safety-certified and baby-approved! We hope you love our toys as much as we have in our home!