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Our Story

Thanks for stopping by! We are the Hatch family (Kate, Brandon, Ruby and Henry) and we are so glad you are here! 


When we were expecting our first baby in 2016, we quickly realized that a lot of the mainstream baby products on the market were loud, brightly-colored and made of cheap plastic material. Not wanting our small home to be completely overtaken by these kinds of baby products, we started looking into more natural-looking designs. We found some beautiful items from little shops in Europe, Australia, and some from around the US, but we didn't like the high boutique prices (especially when we felt like the quality didn't match the investment).

As Brandon already had a passion for woodworking, we decided to start building some toys of our own. We had fun designing and constructing a few different products and couldn't wait to see how our baby would like them.   Our daughter, Ruby, was born in October 2016. We were delighted to find that the toys that we made were not only nice to have on display for the way they looked, but were actually entertaining for her to play with as well! It was wonderful to see how captivated and enthralled she was by our wooden baby gym with the hanging beaded strands.

As a new mother, I loved that I could lay Ruby underneath the gym with no guilt, because she absolutely loved playing under it! It kept her entertained longer than any other toy she had, and it helped to save my sanity as a new mom. From a design standpoint, I was also happy to keep it set up in the living room almost around the clock, even when we had guests over and all the other toys were cleaned up and tucked away.

This little baby gym became dear to our hearts and we wanted to share the goodness of it with other parents out there as well.

We are so excited to share our products and hope you love them as much as we have so far! Please never hesitate to reach out. We are a small, family-run business and we absolutely love hearing from you!